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 New Recruits... Read this first!

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New Recruits... Read this first! Empty
PostSubject: New Recruits... Read this first!   New Recruits... Read this first! EmptyFri Feb 05, 2010 3:18 pm

If you would like to become a member of FTA, please copy and paste the application form below into a new post in this forum providing answers to the questions in the application form. You don't have to register a forum account to apply.

Please state which game you are wanting to join FTA to play. Currently FTA have 3 Modern Warfare (COD4) team playing on the CyberGamers O ladder.

Please note there are some important considerations when applying to join FTA.

Firstly, it is the responsibility of a player to keep safe and not share with others their various game/cd keys. FTA take the position that any issues with a players GUIDs are the sole responsibility of the player therefore any issues that may arise with a players GUID will be assumed to be issues with the player. We do not accept excuses such as "it's my friends fault, he was using my key" for any issues with a player's GUID.

Secondly, in the questions we ask you to answer in your application, are some on any prior bans and clan issues. Answering these question dishonestly will result in a denial of your application or if discovered post a successful membership application could result is being removed from the clan membership.

The minimum age for FTA membership is 18.

Application Form:

Real Name (first name only):
Your Xfire account name:
Your CyberGamer account name and URL (if applicable):

Games you play:
In game nickname(s):
Kit preferences:

Why do you want to join FTA?:
Were you recruited by an FTA Member and if so, which member?:
have you been recruited for a specific FTA team and if so, which team??:

Are you currently playing in any other clan, if so, which clan and for what games?:
What clans have you played for previously?:
Have you competed in competition matches before (i.e. CGo ladder matches)?:

Have you been banned from any competitions?:
Have you received any Punkbuster (i.e. EvenBalance, PSB or PBB) bans (The common Disallowed Driver/Losing Key Packets kicks are not an issue) in the past?:

Please provide your relevant GUIDs, for example, if you are a CoD player, provide your CoD GUID.

Are there any current bans against the GUIDs provided?:


Once you have posted an application, we suggest you apply for a forum account, this will require administration approval (which might take a day or so) however you will require access to the forum to become an FTA member.

In addition to the forum rules, we have a some other rules.

We expect FTA members to abide by the rules of any server they play on. Also, any racism, sexual, or direct abuse will not be tolerated, especially if you are wearing the FTA tags at the time. If we receive complaints about FTA members from administrators on other servers or receive complaints about the behavior of FTA members from other players, action may be taken.

If we receive reasonable evidence of an FTA member using any form of hacks or cheats, we will take action against the member. Reasonable evidence can be considered to consist of PB screenshots, screenshots of PB violations or demos that sufficiently demonstrate that a player is cheating. Identification of the player must be established by GUID, in game names/aliases are not considered sufficient identification of a player.

The FTA public server(s) are configured with MD5 and some CVAR checks as per the standard configurations provided by PSB. Our servers also stream to PSB and we run their master ban list. This is the same ban list used by CyberGamer. Our public server is configured to automatically take PB screenshots and these are periodically reviewed. Players who consistently generate PB kicks or violations may be asked to resolve the issues or further action may be taken. We do realize that PB is not perfect and occasional kicks can occur for no particular reason.

Gaming is about fun, please keep it that way.

Just to reiterate... DO NOT REPLY TO THIS TOPIC ... just copy the form and start a new thread.

FTA use a Ventrilo server for voice communications, you are welcome to join us. Chatting on Vent is a good way of getting to know each other to decide on whether you like us and we like you. No password is required for Vent access at this time however this may change. If a password is required to join the Vent server, it can be obtained from FTA admins.

Vent server is here:
IP Address:
Port: 6714

We run a PUBLIC 20 slot COD4 server (Hosted by Hypernia) and it is here, we play most nights:
Name: *FTA* 24/7 Public Server [Hypernia]

We have three PRIVATE 12 slot CoD4 servers for friendly scrims.

We are pretty easy going and enjoy having a good time with people, but we have no hesitation in banning people who are disruptive or abusive towards FTA members or guests on the vent and game servers.

FTA Team
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New Recruits... Read this first!
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