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 Madcows App

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PostSubject: Madcows App    Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:24 pm

Real Name: Jiordan
Location:Perth, WA
Your Xfire account name: madcane1000
Your CyberGamer account name and URL: ( madcane1994)

Games you play: Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty Black ops
In game nickname(s):MadCow
Kit preferences: Spec ops/Assult

Why do you want to join FTA?: Because you seem like a bunch of fun people to play with.
Were you recruited by an FTA Member and if so, which member?: Yes, Prod1gy atleast he told me to apply Razz
have you been recruited for a specific FTA team and if so, which team??: No.

Are you currently playing in any other clan, if so, which clan and for what games?: No
What clans have you played for previously?: RSM, SoS, EoD ( no longer exists ),
Have you competed in competition matches before (i.e. CGo ladder matches)?:CGo

Have you been banned from any competitions?: No
Have you received any Punkbuster (i.e. EvenBalance, PSB or PBB) bans (The common Disallowed Driver/Losing Key Packets kicks are not an issue) in the past?: Yes But i have a new key

GUIDs Please provide your relevant GUIDs, for example, if you are a CoD player, provide your CoD GUID. 9575a23d

Are there any current bans against the GUIDs provided?:No
Very Happy
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Madcows App
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