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PostSubject: INFO ON PB BAN    Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:01 pm

There is a PB ban for my GUID, which i just found out today, and i googled the offence, http://www.pbbans.com/forums/violation-pb-hack-130263-t14599.html Have a read through that, it tells how normal programs can make the ban, BTW the name stevy was what i had when i got stevy's cfg and put it in, maybe that triggered the ban, but i am allowed to play on pb servers, hope this clears things up for people wondering. It is a VIOLATION (PB HACK) #130263 Which is an Attempted PunkBuster Hack, and i found on the net alot of people have had this offence to there name, for a normal program triggering it, mabye it was the Stevy CFG i was using, i honestly dont know.

a hardware ban is only placed when you mess with your configs enough to the point that they are used as a hack (copy and pasted) and i had about 10-15 configurations i was switching around with, this is what i believe caused it.

But pb has obviously reversed it or something, because i can play on every pb server fine.

( I did not even know about it until a member from another scrim team asked me about it )
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